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4 Replies to “ Black Vomit ”

  1. Vomiting in cats is not an uncommon occurrence, but the presence of black vomit is a sign that something may be seriously the matter with your cat. Cats' bodies react to foods and other items that are not meant to be ingested by automatically rejecting them.
  2. there may be streaks of blood in your vomit, mixed with food. there may be what look like coffee grounds in your vomit, which means the blood has been in your stomach for a few hours. Keep a small sample of the vomit to show a GP or the doctor .
  3. Dec 19,  · Another potential cause of dark brown or black dog vomit is a bleeding ulcer. If the vomit has the appearance of coffee grounds an ulcer is a likely reason. There are many reasons that ulcers develop. These can include kidney or liver disease, stress, a bacterial infection and the ingestion of a toxic substance.
  4. "What is best to do and what should I eat, after vomiting black after drinking too much alcohol and smoked weed?" Answered by Dr. George Valdez: Serious: Black or 'coffee ground' vomit is concerning for digested blo.

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