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8 Replies to “ Pipe And Tabor - Unknown Artist - Historical Drum Suite / Eighteenth Century Suite (Vinyl, LP) ”

  1. In England the moresk evolved into morris dancing and by the 18th Century had similarities to the morris that we know today. Pipe and tabor remained the primary instrument for morris, even though in other realms of music it was losing ground against more ‘sophisticated’ instruments. By mid 19th Century, the number of taborers was on the wane.
  2. An early sixteenth-century painting by an unknown French artist, now in the Harrach collection in Vienna, shows three women, one singing, one playing the lute, and one playing the transverse flute. The flute is obviously made of wood. In Cervantes' Don Q uixote there is mention of a group of entertaining musicians playing "flutes, tambourines.
  3. Oct 01,  · My first attempt on the pipe and tabor. The pipe in question is a three-hole affair and the tabor is the drum which has a hemp snare. It's very early days!! I play a tune of mine called Medieval.
  4. A tabor is a drum with two skins which is played with one hand, and usually has a snare on the batterhead. This combination has been around for centuries. A swan-bone three-hole pipe has been found at Avebury, dating from BC, and the earliest depiction of one with a tabor is a misericord in Exeter Cathedral from
  5. Tabor Drums. Tambourines. Molucca/Maluku Islands. Indonesia. Schley - - Old Print - Antique Print - Vintage Print - Printed Prints of Indonesia. Vintage Poster Canvas Wall Art Print, 40"x60"x" $ $ 99 $ $ FREE Shipping. GREATBIGCANVAS Monte Tabor Bennefit Festa, Vintage Poster Poster Print, 24"x36" $
  6. Feb 20,  · The English Tabor Pipe has only three holes. One is on the back for the thumb and two are on the front of the instrument. These pipes were designed to be played with one hand. Typically, the performer plays a tabor drum with the other hand. The pipe .
  7. A tabor, tabret, (Welsh: Tabwrdd), Tambour De Provence, or Tambourin (Provencal) is a portable snare drum typically played either with one hand or with two drumsticks. The word "tabor" is simply an English variant of a Latin-derived word meaning "drum"—cf. French: tambour, Italian: tamburo It has been used in the military as a marching instrument, and has been used as .

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